Mint Error News Magazine issue 16

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Выкладываю для ознакомления шестнадцатый выпуск свободно распространявшегося журнала «Mint Error News Magazine», изданный зимой 2006 года.

Mint Error News Magazine issue 16Содержание:

Mike Byers’ Welcome 4
Off-Center Errors 5
Off-Metal & Clad Layer Split-Off Errors 17
Buffalo 5¢ “Speared Bison” & WI 25¢ “Extra Leaves” 21
Other Mint Error Types 24
PCGS Certifies 1806 $5 Capped Bust Triple Struck Mint Error 30
NGC Certifies Double Struck 1873 $20 J-1344 34
Indian Cent Cu-Ni Reverse Die Cap 35
1863 Indian Cent Reverse Die Cap 36
A Collection of Off-Metal Mint Errors Surfaces 38
1973-S Kennedy Half Dollar Struck on Struck Aluminum Token 46
UNIQUE 2001-P Sac Dollar Struck on a 2001 Ky State Quarter 47
Mint Error News Price Guide 52
Exclusive Discounts 70
Cent/Dime Mule Sold For $138,000 in Heritage Auction 72
Spectacular Mint Errors Featured in Upcoming Heritage Auction 74
Is the Error Coin Market Taking a Breather? 81
NGC Discovers Proof Silver States Quarters Die Crack Errors 83
1999 SBA Dollar Multi Struck Die Cap 84
Kennedy Half Dollar Die Cap 85
Unique SBA Dollar Mated Pair 86
“Invisible Strike” in a West Virginia Quarter 88
A Study of World Mis-Struck Coins — Mexico 100
Mint Error News Museum 124
Frequently Asked Questions 128

Mint Error News Magazine issue 16
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