Mint Error News Magazine issue 08

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Выкладываю для ознакомления восьмой выпуск свободно распространявшегося журнала «Mint Error News Magazine«, изданный зимой 2004 года.

Mint Error News Magazine issue 8


Mike Byers’ Welcome 4
Off-Center Errors 5
Around The World — Updating Activity In and Around Error World 8
Another Martha Washington Test Piece Discovered 9
Spectacular Buffalo Nickel Off-Center on Cent Planchet 10
A Report on the ANA and Mint Errors 12
Double Struck 1924 Standing Liberty Quarter 15
Unique 3 Piece Cent and Dime Mated Set 16
Unique Morgan Dollar Struck 20% O/C & Brockage Rev. 20
Two Headed Muling 22
The 2004 ANA Convention and The Error Coin Market 25
U.S. Half Cents: An Undiscovered and Unloved Series 26
Mint Error News Price Guide 33
Exclusive Discounts 51
(1943) Denver Quarter Struck on U.S. Steel Cent Planchet 53
Two Dramatic Indian Cent Errors 54
1874 $1 U.S. Gold Type 3 Broadstruck 57
1909 Indian Head Cent Struck on Silver Dime Blank 58
1873 Shield Nickel Struck on Cent Planchet 60
1964 Kennedy Half Struck on Clad Quarter Planchet 61
1983-P Jefferson Nickel Struck on CU Cent Planchet 62
2000-P “Mule” Sacagawea $1 Reverse With 25¢ Obverse 64
Double Struck 1797 Drape Bust Large Cent 66
Mint Error News Museum 76
Frequently Asked Questions 80

Mint Error News Magazine issue 8
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