Mint Error News Magazine issue 01

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Выкладываю для ознакомления первый выпуск свободно распространявшегося журнала «Mint Error News Magazine«, изданный весной 2003 года.
Mint Error News Magazine issue 1


Welcome 4
2000-P Massachusetts Quarter Struck on an Experimental Planchet 5
The Real Story Behind The Aluminum Feeder Finger Find 7
Chile 10 Pesos Double Struck on Feeder Finger 9
Is a “Double Error” Large Cent More Valuable? 11
“Shrunken Coins” and How to Recognize Them 12
Al’s Perspective on 2002 & 2003 Mint Errors… 14
Pattern or Mint Error? 15
Wow, Error Prices Have Changed 17
1865 2¢ Obverse Die Cap & Brockage Sells For Record Price 18
Mint Error News Price Guide 21
Where Have All of the Coins Gone? 26
Error World Club / Mint Error News Contest 29
Exclusive Discounts 30
Eureka Trading Systems Introduces Error Section 31
Specific Gravity 32
1999 SBA Dollar Cap on a Struck Georgia Quarter 34
The Story Behind An Interesting Overstrike Coin 35
Double Struck French 5 Francs on Spoon!! 36
The Amazing Broken CC and Other Errors on Display 37
A Fascinating 1790 Mule 38
Triple Struck Double Denom Rev Brockage Off Metal -OR- Triple Denom?…. That is the Question 39
Two-Headed & Two-Tailed Coins 40
Frequently Asked Questions 42

Mint Error News Magazine issue 1
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