Mint Error News Magazine issue 19

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Выкладываю для ознакомления девятнадцатый выпуск свободно распространявшегося журнала «Mint Error News Magazine», изданный осенью 2007 года.

Mint Error News Magazine issue 19


Mike Byers’ Welcome 4
Washington Dollar Mint Error Special Section 5
Inside Minting: 2007 George Washington Dollar Missing Edge Lettering and Other Errors 7
Director of U.S. Mint Autographs NGC Certified “Missing Edge Lettering” Presidential Dollar Mint Error 14
Altered Washington Dollars Surface 16
PNG Experts Warn of Altered, No Edge-Lettering Dollars 19
The NEW Washington Dollar Errors 22
Presidential Dollar Errors 23
Washington Dollar Mint Errors Sales 25
PCGS Certifies Presidential Dollar Blank Planchet with Edge Lettering — Discovery Coin 26
NGC Certifies Presidential Dollar With No Edge Lettering and Reverse Clad Layer Missing 27
Population Reports & Estimates 30
Two New “Extrusion Strikes” 32
Off-Center Errors 37
Off-Metal & Clad Layer Split-Off Errors 48
Waff led Coins 52
Buffalo 5¢ “Speared Bison” & WI 25¢ “Extra Leaves” 53
Mint Errors on Doubled Dies 55
Spectacular Mint Errors Featured at Central States by Heritage Auction Galleries 60
Mint Error News Price Guide — Updated 03/01/07 83
Exclusive Discounts 102
Fascinating Mint Errors 104
Mint Error Prices: Then & Now 106
Mint Error Museum 108
Photos From The Mint 110
Fred Weinberg’s Price List of Major Mint Errors & Currency 113
Byers Numismatic Corp 2007 Price List 120
Al’s Coins 2007 Price List 124
Frequently Asked Questions 141

Mint Error News Magazine issue 19
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