Mint Error News Magazine issue 07

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Выкладываю для ознакомления седьмой выпуск свободно распространявшегося журнала «Mint Error News Magazine«, изданный осенью 2004 года.

Mint Error News Magazine issue 7


Mike Byers’ Welcome 4
Off-Center Errors 5
Around The World — Updating Activity In and Around Error World 8
A Two Country Double Denomination 9
Unique 3¢ Nickel Struck on 1¢ Stock 10
Thoughts on Coin Certification 12
Mated Pair of U.S. $1 Silver Eagles 17
Indian Cents on Dime Planchets 20
Two Interesting Indian Cent Errors 22
Rare Double Struck Liberty Seated Dime 23
Cents on Quarter Eagle Planchets 24
1880-S Morgan Dollar Struck 40% Off-Center 27
1795 Flowing Hair Dollar Overstruck on 1794 Dollar 28
Mint Error News Price Guide 35
Exclusive Discounts 53
Spectacular Off-Center French Gold LD’OR 55
Unique Overstruck French Gold LD’OR 57
Safe Locks 58
Unique Pattern Capped Die 62
Double Struck Proof Pattern 64
The Only Known Walking Liberty Half Dollar Off-Metal 66
Unique Cap Bust Quarter Mint Error 68
Do You Have The Right Fire Protection? 70
Mint Error News Museum 80
Frequently Asked Questions 84

Mint Error News Magazine issue 7
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